Pam Carter runs the BlueHyd store in association with Zazzle.  What this means is that Pam does the designing, and Zazzle prints and ships the products.  In recent month she has earned the status of Platinum ProSeller.

When life threw her a curve ball, she had to find a way to survive on her own. Always loving the arts, she began to combine her love of drawing and photography with graphic design and opened her first Zazzle store in 2007.

From that point, niche shops popped up as she saw the need to expand and compartmentalize her work. BlueHyd began as she saw her customers gravitate toward her blue flower designs.

On a personal note, Pam lives near the beach in Florida, but has spent many years in New England, which is her first love. She enjoys beach-combing, boating and fishing, and also has a custom stationery store (Seashells by Millhill) with seashell designs.

Blue Hydrangea