How Do You Spend Your Time With Zazzle?

How Do You Spend Your Time With Zazzle?

Whether you work all day long trying to earn decent royalty pay-outs at a print-on-demand store, or only an hour or two, wise use of time is important.  I find that it is all too easy to get pulled away from what should be my focus.

I’ll make a new product then go to add it to my FaceBook store.  While I’m there, I notice someone has left a comment.  I go to thank them and check on another store, where a customer has asked a question.  Then I am suddenly checking out my personal FB page, and before I know it an hour has passed and I’m deep into reading about what my friends have been up to!

I’m Still Working on a Plan to Be Organized

I keep a planner, and each day I will make a short list of what I want to accomplish with Zazzle.  Then I put a little box next to the plans hoping to get it checked off by the end of my work time.  Often I do not check off all those boxes.  Sometimes it’s because of a design issue or problem with the site.  But often it is because I got distracted by something non-work related.  Or maybe it is work-related, but I got off course.

Because I write fairly regularly on four blogs, update my Twitter account as much as possible, pin to Pinterest, and add products to three FaceBook stores, I certainly realize that I cannot do it all in one day.  And this is not counting taking care of my Zazzle stores, where I have  three main stores that I regularly add to.  This means I need time for designing as well.

Some Zazzle stores are run by couples or even families, but I do it alone.  Everything I do online I do myself and it is overwhelming when I stop and think about it.  For that reason I have been taking a good look at how and where I can cut down.

Forums and Groups Can Be Good, But Limit Your Time There

I rarely visit the Zazzle forum these days.  The forum is no longer the cozy friendly place it was years ago.  Newbies have their questions answered by designers who must spend their entire day in the forum for just that reason.  So I can’t be of help there.  I’ve been ignored or spoken to rudely too many times to make it worth visiting.

This is a good reason to be part of a Zazzle group someplace away from Zazzle.  But I think designers often spend too much time in groups complaining about Zazzle, or showing off their products.  A Zazzle group is not where you will find buyers, but I don’t think many Zazzlers understand that.  A good group will have people who will help each other out with design questions or Zazzle navigation.  It doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time talking about Zazzle – don’t forget that you need to work too.

Are You A Stats Freak?

It is just not in me to check on my numbers and stats and ranks and page authority and whatever. I know it’s a good idea to know what is working for me and what is not. I just don’t know how to fix it if it’s broken, so I don’t bother. Zazzle’s stats, such as views, sales, and everything else never seems to work right either, so why bother looking? I don’t care what my store rank is because I am already doing everything I can to sell. A low number would not make me work harder, but I believe it is Zazzle’s intention to get us to do just that. Why else would they give us all a number?

I’m just saying don’t go nuts checking on stats and viewing landing pages wondering why your stuff doesn’t ever show up first. It’s one thing I absolutely have no problem avoiding. I sign into Zazzle and I focus on my own things. It’s probably the one place online where I am least distracted!

Don’t Go Store Building Crazy

I recently left a remark on FB when someone asked the age old Zazzle question: One Store, or Two or More?  My reply was that I wish I had stuck to one store and one name and simply updated that store every day.  I’ve believed for a long time now that updating a Zazzle store helps bring sales.  One store makes that easy.  I have too many stores, but it’s far too late for me to consolidate.  I don’t have one name to use for all of it either.  I didn’t know enough back when I began, so I made big mistakes.

What I have done is stopped using some of my 10 stores and use only 4.  One is a holiday store, so that one gets a break for about six months, while I focus on the other three.  I’ve moved good designs from the stores I don’t work on to the main stores, and deleted the old products. I’ve also changed the way I think about my Zazzle stores and I work less on organizing them for customers and do it more for myself.

How focused are you when it comes to working online?

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January 26, 2018

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