How to Use Zazzle’s Collections Successfully

How to Use Zazzle’s Collections Successfully

One of the best tools Zazzle has given us designers recently is the Collections. I am not sure you would call it a “tool”, as it’s more of a folder or page, but it is something that has greatly helped me to organize and share my products.

What is a Collection at Zazzle?

Collections are simply another page where we can show off products that link together in some way. Either the collection is full of like designs – such as a Blue Hydrangea Wedding set – or it can be full of Halloween Invitations. Get the idea? The best way to make a collection is to gather the best products (they don’t have to be your own, collections can contain any products found on Zazzle) and create a collection where they can easily be found.

This works very well for wedding designers. Our Zazzle stores can be difficult to organize. Often designers are at a loss for the best way to combine products that go together. With the use of collections, multiple products – even those from another store – can be added to that one collection page.

For example, the set below contains “thank-you” cards from a few of my Zazzle stores.  The cards have beach themes, floral and other designs,  but they all have the same wedding thank-you theme.  I have created this collection for anyone looking for wedding thank-you notes.

Probably most Zazzlers have begun to fill up their allotted 200 pages for collections already. If you need to know more about filling them, view the Zazzle blog post about collections.

Once Created, Update and Share Collections Regularly

For those who already have filled up a bunch of Collection pages, but wonder “now what?”,  I have the answer!

First of all, don’t add to a collection and let it sit there.  I believe that, like all things we do online, it must be updated and kept fresh.  I don’t know this for sure, but I suspect.  Go through your most popular (best selling) collections and see what else you can add.  I also remove anything that I don’t feel is my best.

To promote the collection on your website, as I have done above, copy the HTML field – using the “share” button on the collection page – and insert it on your website post.

Easier still is to click that same SHARE button and post the collection to Pinterest, FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus.  Or mail it to friends.  The “link” button takes you to a page with the HTML code and more options for sharing.

I don’t have a Tumblr account, but I have all the rest.  If you don’t have accounts at any of these places, I suggest you join.  Pinterest is super easy, as is Twitter.  A FaceBook store is easy to set up, and I believe it’s a good place to promote.  G+ is also easy, but I’m not sure how much it helps.  We can no longer add single products to G+ from Zazzle, but we can add collections to G+.

Options when using the share button on the collection page.

Collections should be used to share outside of Zazzle. For this reason, I suggest that you NEVER delete a collection!

If the collection is no longer relevant, or you don’t care to promote those products for whatever reason, change the collection to something else. Delete the products, add new ones, change the banner and tags… but keep the collection.

An affiliate may have promoted that collection – you never know. Or you may have the collection linked somewhere… but have forgotten where. By changing the collection, the link won’t break. It’s true that anyone who may follow the link will see some different products, but at least the link will lead somewhere.

Keep collections updated by organizing, adding and deleting products.  Click the ORGANIZE button to move products within a collection.  Each new addition will show up first, so I usually have to go move it.  The EDIT button is where the description and tags will go.  Use tags that specifically describe the collection.

Make sure each collection has a banner that shows precisely what customers should expect to find within that collection. My banners have images of the products. Zazzle has suggested that we put no text in the banners.

This is my Starfish and Ornament Christmas banner… there is no doubt as to what you will find in this collection!

collection banner

Every time you create a collection you should have some idea about how you will promote it. I ask myself, “Will it work on one of my websites?”, or “Will it fit into a Pinterest board?” or “Can I add this to one of my FaceBook stores?” There are many ways to promote single products, and now collections. Take advantage of the opportunity to get your designs seen. That is how they sell.


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September 27, 2017

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