New Hydrangea Seating Chart Posters

New Hydrangea Seating Chart Posters

Will you use a seating chart at your reception?  If you are not sure, please read on.  Or click the image below to see our variety of posters.

Large wedding receptions require an organized seating plan.  This will take some careful planning on the part of the bride and groom.  Escort cards, place cards, and table number cards all come into play here.  The purpose of escort cards is to do as the name implies.  Usually they are small cards that match the theme of the wedding and can be found at the entrance to the reception area.  Guests will find their name on each card, (usually the cards are set up alphabetically), with their corresponding table number.  They will enter the venue and easily find their table, because it will be displayed with a larger card in the center of the table.  Once at the table, little place cards, at each place setting, will show them where to sit.  This is the basic way to seat guests at a large, or small, function.  For small, casual occasions guests may be allowed to seat themselves.

For larger receptions, it may be easier for guests to view a poster and find their name and table number alphabetically.  Print up one large, seating chart poster which will hold all the names.  Each section on the poster lists guests by last name.  Every letter of the alphabet will probably not be used, but you get the idea.  The sections can be set up as you need.  After each name, include the number, or table name.

Our hydrangea seating chart posters measure 36 by 24 inches.  I have included many sample sections.  Simply delete any sections that won’t be needed.  Some of our posters have a pretty floral border at the top.  Others have individual flowers printed in the blank spaces.  We also offer Christian themed posters with a verse or scripture at the top.  The married surname is prominent with the names of the bride and groom and wedding date printed in smaller text.


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