Uninspired Earnings Mean Spending Less Time Being Creative

Uninspired Earnings Mean Spending Less Time Being Creative

Because of my uninspired earnings I now spend less time working online in my Zazzle stores. A few years ago I spent eight to ten hours a day, seven days a week, working to add products said stores. I worked full time and then some. Back in 2009 and 2010 and even in my beginning days from 2007 on, I saw a correlation to time spent and royalties achieved. The more I worked, the more sales I had.

This is no longer true. No, that is not completely correct. Some days when I spend loads of time on Twitter, FaceBook, blogging about products, and being social to hopefully bring customers, I do see an uptick in sales. However this does not happen nearly enough to be a regular thing. I’m not much of a stats watcher and I never really know for sure where a sale comes from. In fact when I get sales from really old products, that I never promote anywhere, I am stumped. And that happens quite a bit more than I would expect. It’s one reason I don’t delete ALL my old stuff.

Simply put, these days it does not matter how many hours a day I put in with Zazzle. My paycheck stays the same, or decreases. Working hard no longer equates to more sales and more pay. The exception to that may be the Christmas season.
Zazzle store rank and completionI have 196 collections at Zazzle. My top 4 store completions are at 100%. My store ranks are quite high – at least on the four main stores I work in often. I am at Platinum Zazzle seller level (by the way, levels mean virtually nothing as far as I can tell). I am quite sure I rank on the list of Zazzle’s top sellers – though maybe not near the top. Sales I get are due to my own efforts. Zazzle does nothing to promote me – my products never show up in their ads or promotions. When products of mine sell – due to my advertising them – they will show up on landing pages within the site. That is because they have sold, not because Zazzle has chosen to put them there because I am anything special to them.

My earnings would seem quite high to many Zazzlers and I don’t share my numbers where that is concerned. I do see Zazzlers freely admitting the amounts they make in Zazzle online forums or groups, and the amounts I see are quite small. What they make in a month I often make in a day. I have not had a “no sales” day in many years, although I did have a “minus sales” day recently when returns (pink numbers) outdid royalties.

So why am I complaining? I’m not really, but sales are relative. I used to make three times what I make now. This money helps me pay my bills. But the point is that it doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try these days. Income does not increase. There are ups and downs with online working, especially if you are trying to make a living from it.

Zazzle has hooked me though because I love the creative part of it. I am just smarter these days about how I use my creativity. With so many (good) products just sitting there and not selling my efforts are better used elsewhere. I blog more, write posts like this more, and promote more than create. I’m also looking for other income avenues because Zazzle is fizzling out for me. When working hard gets you nowhere, it’s time to look at the future and make changes. I have income from blogging, Wizzley, and Amazon also.

These types of posts are meant to help other Zazzlers who may also be working hard and seemingly getting nowhere. In my opinion Zazzle is a great place to show off artistic talents and be creative. My Zazzle success story happened years ago, and Zazzle is a different place now. We must change our expectations accordingly.


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February 5, 2018

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