Why I Don’t Worry About Zazzle’s Store Ranking System

Why I Don’t Worry About Zazzle’s Store Ranking System

zazzle store rankEver since Zazzle started ranking our stores, I’ve seen a lot of discussion in the forum about how to get the store rank up.   Our stores get a number from 1 to 10 according to how well they perform.  Supposedly this number comes from a culmination of various things, such as sales, products, media uploads, and the color of our eyes (just kidding on that last one).

Personally, I don’t worry about the ranking system and seldom check to see what my stores’ ranks are. I feel this way because I am doing the best I can to create and sell products. This system of numbering us will not change that.  Sure I like seeing a higher number but talking about it won’t change it. The answer to raising it is not a simple one. Or maybe it is.  Zazzle wants us to make sales.  It helps us sure, but it helps them more.

Zazzle is already so large that the chances of a customer coming to the site, finding your product, and liking it better than any of the other similar products on the landing page are small!  This is one reason I no longer spend a lot of time on how my stores look.  The list on the left side of each landing page names the stores that carry that type of design, and stores with a higher store rank will be listed here first. I think that is the only advantage to having a high number. And I have to wonder how many customers will even look to the side, and then what are the chances they will pick your store page to view?

It’s possible, but there are a lot of “if’s” in that scenario.

Selling Products Raises Rank, Plain and Simple

My highest ranking stores are the ones that have the most sales… plain and simple. You are rewarded in all kinds of ways when you simply sell products. However, those of us who sell online know that selling is not simple. It takes a lot of work and much effort to try and beat the competition.

All the promoting means nothing if the items / products do not appeal to the potential customer. We have to do some guessing, but if quality and uniqueness is there, we have a good chance of eventually finding buyers. It can take some time for that to happen, so patience is needed. Create some great items and move on and create more.

Once something sells, and keeps selling, the product will move up in the searches, on Google and within Zazzle. If an affiliate picks up your product and advertises it on their wonderful and busy site, you may see some astounding sales. I had a wedding invitation that sold like mad for about a year and I knew it was because someone was promoting it.

Do A Lot of Your Own Promoting

As designers we can’t count on affiliates. The competition to sell is fierce, and the Zazzle site consists of many very excellent designers. The best designs, and best-selling designs, will be chosen by affiliates as they are looking to make money.  I am guessing as to how affiliates choose the designs they promote, but by now they may realize who the top selling Zazzlers are.  Zazzle’s landing pages can tell us a lot about whose designs they favor.

So we are back to sales counting for a lot.  That means getting the customer to your product or store front.  That means spreading yourself out over the vast sea of social media and sites like Pinterest so you can be found.  More on that to come.

My Sandpiper Wedding store now ranks at a 9 and it is where most of my sales are coming from these days. I work on it the most with BlueHyd coming in second (it currently ranks at 8), except at holiday time when my Holiday Store ranks high – it is currently a 9 because sales were good over the last few months. I expect the rank will go down as I do less and less there over the coming months.

So you are thinking, “No wonder she doesn’t worry about rank, hers is plenty high”. Honestly I would be working in exactly the same manner if my numbers were 3’s and 4’s.

My last word to Zazzlers who dwell on numbers such as Zazzle’s ranking system is to go about your business and worry less – a lot less – about a number.


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January 23, 2018

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